Welcome to Lucky Mansion, a sprawling country estate full of unusual weapons, good hiding places, and craven killers. Killers like you! The object? Kill Doctor Lucky! Find a weapon, track the old man down, and take him out. Unfortunately, Doctor Lucky is aptly named. He`s got more lives than Rasputin and an uncanny knack for dodging your best traps. But, stick to it. Persevere. The Doctor`s luck won`t last forever. Before the night is over, someone is going to kill Doctor Lucky. Wouldn`t you rather it was you? An Origins Award Winner for Best Abstract Board Game of 1997, this 19.5th Anniversary Edition of Kill Doctor Lucky features all-new art by Israel Evans (Get Lucky) and contains dramatically updated rules, so its cleaner, faster, and more tactical than ever before!

Kill Doctor Lucky (Anniversary Edition)

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